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War on Terror, Terror, Terror

Reported by Nancy - December 7, 2004 -

This morning (12/7), FNL debuted a new series for the week: "Are We Safe?" Brigitte Quinn introduced the first segment, & openly admitted they're ripping off an article in this week's "New York Magazine". You might think this would provide an occasion to remember the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but you'd be wrong. FNL was too busy replaying video of a convenience story robbery in Ohio. The point: FNL wants you to be afraid, be very afraid.

According to Quinn, the article in "NY Mag" listed 8 reasons why there hasn't been attack on US soil since 9/11/01. Each day this week, FNL will "discuss" some of these reasons. Her panel today included Ray Kelly (NYC Police Commissioner), Philip Smucker (author of "Al Qaeda's Great Escape") & Neil Livingstone (terrorism expert). Not so coincidentally, this gave FNL plenty of opportunity to re-use video of 9/11, the Madrid train bombings, etc. -- just in case viewers needed some "shock & awe".

First reason: "We're on Al Qaeda time". All 3 agreed that AQ can be very patient. Smucker pointed out that AQ has evolved over time, citing its origins in the Afghan war against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan [comment: but failing to mention that Poppy Bush & our wonderful CIA actively funded & armed AQ, despite warnings even then that the creation of the mujahideen was likely to come back to bite us]. Livingstone pointed out that, while it may be true that we've killed or captured 70% of AQ's "leadership", it's not a problem for them, as they've simply recruited replacements -- sometimes from within their own ranks.

Second reason: "New York has become a more difficult target". Quinn, Livingstone & Smucker made sure to praise Kelly (& his predecessor, Kerik) for the great work they've done in this area [comment: without noting that 9/11 actually happened on Kerik's watch, which in any normal world ought to be a black mark against him but in the topsy-turvy world of thru-the-Fox-looking glass turns out to be a good thing]. Kelly was particularly proud of his "Hercules" teams. Livingstone pointed out that they're "asleep" in the "heartland".

In a teaser for tomorrow's segment, Quinn just had to get in some France-bashing, incredulously asking: "Have the French saved us" with intel info? [comment: forestalling J$, her TONE was incredulous].

General Question: If any readers subscribe to "New York Mag", would you post a list of who wrote the article & who they interviewed for it? It's not available online, as far as I can tell. Thanks!