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Not At All Special

Reported by Nancy - December 7, 2004 -

As usual, "Special Report" last night (12/6) was not at all special. It was the usual mishmash of stories covered earlier in the day on other Fox programs, plus the usual panel of the usual suspects doing the usual bloviating.

Brian Wilson reported about Hunter & Warner caving re the intel reform bill -- as long as the bill is modified. Jim Angle reported about Bush's busy day. Bush says Iraqi elections must go forward (clip of Bush, clip of Iraqi Pres, clip of Bush). Angle also mentioned the attack of the US consulate in Jeddah (clip of Bush x 2), Bush's meetings with King Abdullah of Jordan (clip of Bush) & with 16 members of Congress. Bret Baier reported from the Pentagon about Rumsfeld & Iraq -- 8 attacks plus sabotage on an oil pipeline over past couple of days. Rumsfeld says his biggest regrets are "not finding WMDs & misjudging the enemy in Iraq" but he's still pushing the "happy Iraq" scenario, including the bogus claim that "14 out of 18 provinces" are doing just swell, & there are "less than 4 incidents/day". He's apparently pleased with the progress of Iraqi security forces. Baier also noted that some soldiers are challenging extended tours of duty - but cited the official Pentagon line that the stop loss policy is "legal" & "approved by Congress". Hume read some quick blurbs -- ETA terror attacks in Spain, Ukraine agreement, Congressional runoff races settled.

Steve Brown reported that Ken Blackwell certified Bush as winner in Ohio, but the state is "on the verge" of a recount (demanded by Libertarians & Greens). Brown cited "alleged" voting machine malfunctions & said GOPs want to know why bother if it doesn't change the outcome (clip of unidentified GOP saying the recount means "2 losers - Kerry & taxpayers"). Hume interviewed Blackwell.

Grapevine - Bush names Gerald Reynolds to replace Mary Frances Berry on US Civil Rights Commission (reads quote from Berry in snide voice); NPR host Tavis Smiley condemns NPR as "liberal media elite" network, praises Bush [comment: wanna bet whether Hume would have even mentioned this if Smiley had trashed Bush & praised NPR?]; French police training bomb- & drug-sniffing dogs lost a planted package in passenger luggage [comment: had to get in a little France-bashing, but of course no comparable report re TSA follies]; E Manatee FL school bans both Christmas & winter.

Anita Vogel reported on the Cupertino, CA, schoolteacher case. She said Williams teaches "religion as part of US history" & "he's being targeted because he's a Christian" (clip of Williams). Her story included statements from the Alliance Defense Fund (clip of lawyer saying Williams can't do his job), from the school (separation of church & state, "clearly he had an agenda"). Vogel said that some parents say Williams has done "outright preaching" while some say he's being harassed (clip of woman saying that). She also noted that the school has been inundated with hate mail & even death threats [comment: please see my report for FNL earlier on 12/6 for links to more balanced stories about this case].

Jeff Goldblatt reported about wine lovers waiting to hear if ban will be lifted re interstate wine shipments. As he was going to an ad break, Hume said the next story would be about who might be the next Chief Justice of SCOTUS, then added "wait till you hear what a senior Dem leader said" about one of the justices.

Following a clip of Harry Reid saying Clarence Thomas is an "embarassment", tonight's panel -- Mort Kondracke, Ceci Connolly, Charles Krauthammer --immediately leaped to defend Thomas. There was the usual gossip, speculation & bloviating. Then they moved on to discuss Iraq, & Krauthammer said we've already got a civil war on our hands, we just don't want to call it that. Ending clip was Jack Nicholson ribbing Warren Beatty.