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Fox's Clintonian Scholar- Dick Morris

Reported by Deborah - December 7, 2004

Dick Morris, a Hannity & Colmes regular, appeared tonight to make sure that at least one of the Clinton's had been properly degraded, abused,distorted and humiliated for the Fox viewers. Tonight it was Hillary's turn and when Colmes asked him if he intended to do this for the next four years, Morris said yes, he would.Morris doesn't even pretend to plug one of his anti-Clinton books anymore, he just starts flinging that mud without any journalistic pretense.
12/07/04 9PM

The theme of tonights Hillary bashing was that she was trying to go to the right now to win over the red sates. According to Morris,
"Hillary will be anything she needs to be to win."

Morris compared her to McCarthy and later said she was a true believer in Socialist dogma.Hannity and Morris agreed that there wasn't an honest bone in her body. Hannity asked,
"Can Hillary pull this off?Is it possible that she can connive and manipulate...?"

Morris whined that it was his idea to have a law against illegal immigrants getting drivers licenses but Hillary and Bill vetoed the idea.He vowed to stay on her case for the next four years.When asked if he was still on the Clinton's Christmas card list, he claimed that his had white powder on the envelope.

comment:Each time Dick Morris makes an appearance he gets bolder with his unsubstantiated attacks on the Clintons. Who is this guy to think he has all the answers about the Clintons? It has become ridiculus to the point of absurdity to watch him mouth off as if he were some great authority on everything the Clintons do, say or think.Morris's time on the Clinton staff does not give him the authority or right to spew this continuous filth but Fox pays him for it and there isn't much of a market for Clintonian Scholars.

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