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Blame OPEC, It's Easier Than Being a Grown Up

Reported by Melanie - December 6, 2004

An early segment today (December 6, 2004) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto was about oil and the OPEC "cartel." Evidently, along with hating France, Germany, the UN, Democrats, Hollywood, Russia and China, latte drinkers, and anybody from a "blue state" (I'm sure I'm leaving hundreds out), Fox viewers are also supposed to hate OPEC.

Neil Cavuto opened the segment this way:

"Oh is that sOPEC? The oil cartel rolling, and I mean rolling in the dough, and OPEC ready to roll in still more of that dough at our expense, and very soon." Just in case you've "been fretting over OPEC now that oil has come crashing down from its all time highs little more than months ago, fret not." The "oil guys" are the "making money hand-over-fist-guys" and they took in record revenues this year with a good shot at doing so again next year. OPEC indicates it "might scale back production to hike oil prices yet again." And this "from the same folks who said they'd do their best to help us deal with high energy prices." Then, introducing guest Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute, Cavuto said: "So, do we trust them?"

Taylor said "OPEC is a profit maximizing cartel (COMMENT: What corporation isn't?). They're trying to make as many dollars as they possibly can" in the oil markets. "Nothing else" affects their behavior and any sign of friendship with presidents, congress or the American people is a "convenient facade, it's there to inoculate us against the fact that they're in existence to extract as much money out of us as they possibly can."

COMMENT: Cavuto and Taylor continued their discussion, but you get the gist. The message: If you suffer from high gas or oil prices, it's OPEC's fault, not Bush's, not our government's, not ours as a nation for our failure to conserve or address our oil dependence. It's OPEC's fault so let's turn our anger toward them. (Hey, anything's better than taking responsibility for the mess we're in, right?)

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