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Hunting for Something ... Anything

Reported by Nancy - December 2, 2004 -

This morning (12/2) on FNL, Jonathan Hunt proved once again that Fox News in general, & he in particular, will gladly sleep with the devil if it furthers their agenda. In his "hot pursuit" of the UN Oil-for-Food investigation -- & the not-so-coincidental France-bashing it allows -- Hunt interviewed Arnaud Montebourg, a French politician who wants to impeach French President Jacques Chirac. What Hunt didn't tell Fox viewers is that Montebourg is (gasp!) a socialist (Nouvelle Partie Socialiste, or NPS) who thinks Chirac & the Socialist party are too centrist.

Hunt's "report" [comment: I use that word loosely whenever Hunt is involved], which aired at 11:06am (ET), was essentially a repeat of his "report" that aired last night on "Special Report with Brit Hume" & included some of his standard France-bashing phrases, like "culture of corruption" & corruption "seems to be part of the French way of life". [Comment: I wonder what Fox fans would think if they knew that Hunt was holding up a SOCIALIST as a paragon of virtue?]

General comment: I've found more info about one of Hunt's interview subjects from earlier in this series of "reports" -- Eva Joly, a former French investigative judge. Joly wrote a best-seller about the Elf case that made a lot of noise in political circles in France. She was not exactly hailed for giving away secrets she learned as a judge. If her interview with Hunt is any indication, she's annoyed that her investigation & her book didn't produce the immediate & perfect "reforms" that she wanted of the French justice system.

From a review of her book, Est-ce dans ce monde que nous voulons vivre ?, at Amazon.fr

On lit entre les lignes un sentiment de reproche ŕ l'égard de la corporation des juristes en général et du systčme français en particulier. Facilement accusée d'ętre devenue une sorte de star de la justice ŕ la fois paranoďaque et mythomane, Eva Joly s'est sentie seule, abandonnée et ostracisée. ...

My translation of that excerpt: One reads between the lines a sentiment of reproach with regard to jurisprudence in general & to the French system in particular. Easily accused of having become a sort of star of the justice system, at once paranoiac & mythomaniac, Eva Joly felt herself to be alone, abandoned & ostracized.

If you can read French, the entire review & more info is available online at at Amazon.fr

Wouldn't it be nice if Fox gave their viewers more complete information about interview subjects, so the viewers really could draw their own conclusions about whether someone has an axe to grind or an agenda to promote?