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Fox News: Caught in a Feedback Loop

Reported by Marie Therese - December 2, 2004

Last week, Colin Powell made a statement, offering his opinion that Iran was seeking to expand its nuclear program. Using Powell's conjecture as a springboard, on Thursday 11/19/04 John Gibson cited several quotes made by an unidentified "Iranian opposition group" alleging that Iran had a "secret facility" they were using to create nuclear material for a nuclear bomb. He then interviewed security analyst Frank Gaffney, who advocated a military attack against Iran, based on the self-same "circumstantial" evidence. This past Monday (11/29/04) during the Big Story Gibson stated "We have seen them [the IAEA] sniff around before and feel like they hadn't caught Iran at anything and then it turns out that Iran has some secret activity going on."


In this statement Gibson accepted as fact what is still only allegation, i.e. "Iran has some secret activity going on." He also scolded the IAEA because they couldn't objectively verify the existence of this ALLEGED weapons plant! (Sort of reminds me that the U.N. weapons inspectors were similarly dissed by FOX in the build up to the War on Iraq because they couldn't provide proof of the WMD every administration official "knew" were there!)

Since last Thursday FOX News has waved its magic media wand and suddenly conjecture by Colin Powell and intelligence reports made by phantom groups are enshrined as incontrovertible fact. In the weeks and months to come, John Gibson and other FOX hosts will ask questions about this topic of experts and pundits on the right and the left and - mark my words - not one of those people will bother to challenge FOX's assumed facts.

Like trained monkeys, they will dutifully expostulate about this and that, offering yet more opinion, and that opinion will encrust the original disinformation like barnacles on the hull of a sunken ship until, finally, at a time of Bush's choosing, gullible, frightened Red Americans will rally to support yet another unilateral attack on yet another sovereign nation based on supposition, speculation, hypothesis, unattributed "friendly" sources, unidentified "Iranian opposition sources" and a serpentine ribbon of fuzzy reasoning wrapped around a ball of hot air!

Brilliant con artists that they are, Cheney and Rove continue to use the same tactics over and over again, with FOX News and the Red ‘Net advancing their agenda of more government regulation in the bedroom and no government regulation in the boardroom.

Witness what's now transpiring vis a vis the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). That venerable and highly respected institution is now being efficiently and ruthlessly demonized by the right wing, in order to convince the Republican base that they shouldn't believe anything the ICRC says about prisoner abuse at Guantanamo.

And if I were Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton I'd start amassing my legal defense fund right now. FOX News - the voice of Red America - fired its warning shot across the bow the day the Clinton Presidential Library opened for business. The GOP clearly plans to go after Mrs. Clinton using the Presidential Library as an excuse to embroil her in a morass of legal red tape for the next four years. My guess is the onslaught will start shortly after Alberto Gonzalez is sworn in as Attorney General.

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