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Hannity Condones Gitmo Interrogation Techniques

Reported by Deborah - December 1, 2004

There was a chilling segment on Hannity & Colmes tonight about interrogation practices at Guantanamo Bay. Wayne Simmons and Hannity were all for any tactics that would get the prisoners to talk and refused to acknowledge the interrogation tactics at Gitmo were actually torture. 12/1/04

After the International Red Cross condemned the treatment of prisoners at Gitmo, Hannity claimed that the interrogation techniques were "imperative to win the war on terror." Hannity added that it was the International Red Cross criticizing as if that made the report immediatly suspect.

Wayne Simmons smugly inquired about what tactics were considered torture. Avi Coven gave this horrifying account of men held in solitary confinement for months losing 50lbs;humiliation; and exposure to freezing temperatures. Hannity was unmoved changing the subject to the soldier who was unjustly questioned after killing the injured Iraqi in the Mosque

Simmons said in response, "They are sub human. They are very very smart sub humans. Their main purpose in life is to kill your children."

When Simmons was told of the technique of getting medical personel to isolate a prisoners greatest physical and psychological weaknesses to use during questioning, he exclaimed, "I think that's brilliant!"

Colmes was justifiably outraged and while he expressed his anger about Simmon's position, Simmons just sat there with a very frightening and sadistic smile on his face.

comment: Not only were Hannity and Simmons not denying this allegation of torture, they were proud of it.Simmons literally smirked in Colmes's face while he spoke of this behavior being as bad as the terrorists. Not only are prisoners sexually humiliated, they are kept chained, in physically stressful positions for hours on end.Hannity, who claims to be a man with superior moral values thinks torturing other human beings is acceptable.This bizarre and cold blooded mind set is not okay to any well balanced person. I am frightened by the cruel and heartless behavior of Hannity and Simmons because it mean's that there are many more monsters in my country just like them. If we don't speak up, we are condoning their behavior and we're just as guilty.

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