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DeLay-ing Tactics?

Reported by Nancy - December 1, 2004 -

Today is World AIDS day, but you'd never know it from watching FNL. This morning (12/1) the program was the usual mix of wall-to-wall coverage of anything & everything Bush to avoid bringing its viewers real news they need to know. There was the daily anti-UN screed, turning up the tempo about alleged "corruption" -- but still not a single mention of Tom DeLay's corruption scandal.

The 11:00am (ET) hour opened with live broadcast of Bush's speech today in Nova Scotia. In full. Following this, Rick Folbaum discussed the speech with Arnaud de Borchgrave. Then FNL reverted to the usual pattern, fluff mixed with the "hot" topics as defined by Fox. All times are ET:
11:32 UN - Kofi Annan's gotta go, says Norm Coleman (R-MN) (which David Asman later expanded to "maybe the whole UN")
11:38 Scott Peterson
11:41 military recruiting on campus
11:48 Ken Jennings loses on Jeopardy
11:50 Bob Vila
11:58 Wendell Goler re Bush in Nova Scotia
12:02 ALERT: gunfire at presidential palace in Haiti (which Asman admitted was important only because Colin Powell is in Haiti today)
12:03 Kofi Annan should go
12:05 ALERT: Powell is safe
12:06 A "fair & balanced" look (one GOP, one Dem) at whether Kofi Annan should go
12:15 Bush leaves Halifax
12:16 Dems "rethink" the abortion issue
12:18 more US women stay-at-home moms
12:23 Scott Peterson
12:33 ALERT: agreement in Ukraine
12:37 Oksana Lada (who plays Tony Soprano's mistress) discusses the situation in Ukraine
12:43 Does the UN have any future?
12:51 more US troops heading to Iraq
12:57 public schools get too much money, parochial schools do better with less money

Not mentioned in 2 solid hours: Tom DeLay, Sudan, the US military draft, North Korea, Valerie Plame, Osama bin Laden, Israeli spy at the Pentagon, AIDS (or any health or science issue), Afghanistan, Halliburton corruption investigation in Nigeria, prisoner abuse at Guantanamo, Iran's nuclear program, Venezuela ... I'm sure our readers can add to this short list of stories/issues Fox should be covering, but isn't.