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Never Mind the Facts

Reported by Melanie - November 30, 2004

Why we should hate Canada was a big topic today (November 30, 2004) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. One segment featured guest Jean-Jacques de Masterton, identified by the banner at the bottom of the screen as an "Int'l Business Consultant." (I Googled de Masterton's full name, in quotes, and got two listings, both on Fox News' website, both for appearances in May, 2003, and both which identify de Masterton as a talk show host.)

At any rate, de Masterton seems to be a very angry man. When Cavuto opened the interview by asking de Masterton why he "loathes the Canadians," de Masterton said I "don't so much loathe them as I'm pretty much disgusted with them." He said we have "constant problems" with Canada "socially speaking." He said this is a "huge relationship," a billion dollars in trade every day; Canada sends 85% of its exports to the US.

What bothers him, de Masterton said, is that "socially, the Canadians believe that they are somehow superior to us and it's really very odd because they are not. The United States is the most benevolent, great country in the history of the world and the Bush administration just survived a resounding referendum on its activities." According to de Masterton, Bush "doesn't have to in any way kowtow to Canada." (COMMENT: Don't you just love the words these guys use? "Kowtow?" Nobody thinks Bush should "kowtow" to any country, but tossing in a little respect and consideration might be nice.)

de Masterton said he's "upset" because "the Canadians seem to feel that they're superior to the United States." He said he was in Canada a "little while ago" and "automatically there's a negative bumber sticker on my car saying unkind things about the President of the United States." (COMMENT: "Automatically?")

Cavuto reminded de Masterton that not all Canadians feel that way. Cavuto said "I've heard this out of the leadership in Canada," but a lot of the "regular Canadians" he bumps into "especially those out of some of these, you know, tootie urban areas," are good folks who like us. de Masterton agreed that there are Canadians who like us but said "this has become a nauseating political fight." He reminded viewers that in 2002 an aide to then-Prime Minister Jean Claude Chretien called Bush "a moron," but agreed she was "long gone." "In the meantime," de Masterton said, "the Canadian parliament is so incredibly raucous, Neil, that the president is not being asked to speak in front of the House of Commons for the simple reason that there may be hecklers in the crowd saying very unkind things about the president."

COMMENT: This is par for the course in terms of the information Fox News' viewers get about Canada. Unfortunately, they're misinformed in more ways than one. de Masterton is entirely wrong about Bush "not being asked to speak in front of the House of Commons." See this article from Canada's Globe and Mail, which says this, in part:

Speaking in Sudan yesterday, Mr. Martin shrugged off questions about whether Mr. Bush was snubbing Canada by not speaking to the House of Commons, as the Canadian government had originally requested.

Bush was invited to speak before the House of Commons. He's the one who declined the invitation. Never mind if Canadians feel snubbed, and never mind if this is a "fence mending" trip. Bush's handlers didn't think it'd play well on TV here in the states if Canadian House of Commons members exercised their right to free speech and did some heckling if Bush spoke before them. We wouldn't want to dash the image of Bush being a beloved world figure, now would we? Too bad Fox's viewers won't know the truth about this.

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