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Republicans - The Eternal Victims on FOX

Reported by Ellen - November 28, 2004

In his Column One segment of After Hours last night, Cal Thomas blamed the Democrats and the "liberal" media for ganging up on the poor Republicans. As is usual with these guys, Thomas found fault with every Democratic or media criticism of Republicans and yet he ignored the same behavior when it was the other way around.

First, Thomas lumped all Democrats into one big group that has "no new ideas" but has a battle plan characterized by negativity. Against a backdrop of a Halliburton ship or manufacturing plant of some kind, Thomas said "The left will use every opportunity to try to tain this president with something." Comment: As if the Inspector General's audit and an FBI investigation are a propaganda ploy cooked up by the left.

Thomas went on to decry the "invective" of liberal media personalities such as Bill Moyers and Eleanor Clift who called Condoleezza Rice "a liar who ignores reality." Full of self-righteousness, Thomas said, "Imagine if this sort of slimy rhetoric had been directed at a Democrat by a conservative Republican. Well you know the editorial denunciations from the usual sources would have been severe."

Is that so? I have personally heard Sean Hannity call John Kerry an admitted committer of war atrocities, which is worse than being a called liar, yet I can't remember a single editorial denunciation about that. It's funny how it's only mud to the Republicans when it comes from the Democrats.

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