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Time Tripping With The Right

Reported by Deborah - November 27, 2004

John Kasich , following the lead of other's on Fox this week, had a segment about the public schools keeping God out of Thanksgiving in Maryland using the same term,revisionist history, as Jerry Falwell. This segment was followed with one about the harm done to children by working mothers, who choose career over childrearing. 11/27/04 8:30PM ET

Michael Gross and Kasich had a very predictable debate about God and Thanksgiving. Kasich was unwilling to accept any of Gross's reasonable points asking him what he would do when George Bush appoints a judge to the Supreme Court, who will change the law about prayer in schools.

The segment about working mothers featured a debate between Susan Estrich and Mary Eberstadt who wrote Home Alone America.Eberstadt's book explores the problems of the many kids who come home to an empty house each day because Mom works. These kids are more prone to obesity, psychological problems and drug use. Kasich wanted her to give a solution to the problem almost baiting her to bad mouth the working moms to make his point. When Susan Estrich spoke up, it was clear that Eberstadt wasn't going to provide the message that Kasich wanted.

Estrich warned Eberstadt that the media was going to twist her message trying to inflict guilt on working women. Estrich made the point that the vast majority of women must work to pay bills and welfare moms are forced by law to work.
Eberstadt revealed that the book was dedicated to her Mother who worked out of necessity and her book was written to help women not to point fingers.Kasich continued to try to sculpt the message to a 1960 standard by saying, "What about the women who just want to keep up with the Jones." Then he tried to lay blame on divorced women and it was clear where he was trying to go but never got there.

comment: I have never met a women who was not bitterly conflicted about working instead of staying home for her kids. Economic necessities of this society require almost every woman to work to pay the bills. The religious right would like to simplify the realities with their Promise Keeper philosophy placing the man as the dominant breadwinner and the woman as the at home nurturer. This is a ridiculous premise that creates a multitude of complex problems for everyone.

It is sad that this administration has done nothing to help the working moms and their kids. Instead after school programs were cut and adequate daycare funding was eliminated. Women on welfare must work in minimum wage jobs without free daycare for their children. Also, the firm resolve, not to raise the minimum wage, by the Republican lawmakers is a totally insane mindset.

This campaign to move our country backwards can not continue. It is true that our kids are not happy and need our help but don't blame this on women working.

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