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The compulsive gambler still hard on the sex addict.

Reported by Chrish - November 23, 2004 -

Chris Wallace had former Education Secretary Bill Bennett and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich on to discuss the Clinton legacy on Fox News Sunday 11/21. The author of "The Book of Virtues" could not muster enough compassion for his fellow flawed human to put Clinton's sexual dalliances aside and focus on the man's successes and contributions.

Robert Reich did his best to highlight Clinton's record of peace and prosperity, the dramatic drop in the budget deficits, the shifting of spending to education, job training, and health care for children. He hedged his praise with criticism of the President's behavior with Monica Lewinsky, but at the same time acknowledged that there was "a vendetta , a relentless pursuit by the special prosecutor, by Ken Starr" which overshadowed his many accomplishments.

Bennett summed up Clinton's legacy in one word - impeached. He went on to damn Clinton with faint praise; he skillfully "balanced" his positive comments with negative ones. Clinton presided over "a period of relative peace and prosperity, though underneath that peace we know things were going on, Osama bin Laden and the like" and he "also would praise President Clinton for some legislation, welfare reform, which he was dragged kicking and screaming to sign, but he signed it..." He reminds the viewers five times that Clinton lied and uses the phrase "high crimes" twice. (Oh, puh-leeze.) He basically blames Clinton for the current state of American politics in general and the Democratic party in particular, and summarizes that Clinton will probably be remembered by historians as "considerably less than average".

Comment: While Fox's fans and defenders would probably call this a "fair and balanced" piece, I call it low class, not newsworthy, and unnecessary. The opening of Clinton's Presidential Library has given Fox a grand excuse to trot out the Clinton haters and bashers and once again give them a forum for their contempt.

For William Bennett to get righteously indignant over a harmless lie and to overlook the harm caused by the lies of this administration is extreme hypocrisy. If he was truly virtuous he would have long ago quit harping on Clinton's indiscretion and his desperate attempts to hide it from his family.

As noticed by other Newshounds, Fox seems to need someone to hate to keep their followers in a lather and nobody riles them like the man from Hope. As long as they can keep the us versus them mentality going, they have an audience. If we all really did try to come to the middle, compromise, reach out, like Bush claims he wants, Fox loses its premise for existing.