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All Basketbrawl, Almost All The Time

Reported by Ellen - November 23, 2004 -

Maybe it was my timing, but every time I turned on FOX News yesterday, it was the "Basketbrawl" story.

Starting with O'Reilly, which I tuned in late, followed by more than a full hour on Alan Colmes' radio show. After that, I got a glimpse of the Hannity & Colmes repeat while I rewound my O'Reilly tape. There were our two hosts, discussing the brawl with two sports announcers. After I finished watching the O'Reilly tape, there was the story again during the news break at the top of the hour.

On O'Reilly, the basketbrawl segment ended with substitute host John Kasich saying that the same boorish behavior showed by the players "infects our whole society." He blamed it on the aggressive partisanship showed by announcers and fans. "Let me just suggest that we are beginning to see it in all parts of our society - behavior that is just not said it's wrong and it needs to be stopped. Maybe this is a wake-up call for a lot of people."

Comment: I would hope, but not expect, that Kasich would apply that same thinking to the same behavior at Fox News. How about the brow-beating by Hannity of his guest last night (after the basketball story), political cartoonist Ted Rall? Hannity said, "You are about as sick a human being as I have ever met." This was due to a political cartoon Hannity didn't like. Or what about the famous "Shut up's" by O'Reilly? The list goes on, the Fox boorishness goes on, yet the only complaints I heard were about the players, the fans and the sports announcers.