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FOX Special "Hating America" is Hateful in its Own Right

Reported by Ellen - November 22, 2004

Last night's FOX special, "Hating America," another in its "Breaking Point" series of specials, focused on the important issue of the rising dislike of the United States around the world. But rather than address some of the home-grown causes of that hatred, FOX and host John Gibson cast all the blame on foreigners and the foreign media. Considering FOX's incessant French, UN and other-country bashing, it seemed a new height (or is it depth?) of FOX hypocrisy.

Near the beginning of the show, FOX News analyst Mark Ginsberg, a former ambassador, said "Why do Arabs hate us? My answer is if I watched Arab television, I'd hate us also." He went on to call Arab journalists "irresponsible" about their reporting on the US.

From there, Gibson went to Canada to interview Barry Zwicker, a 9/11 "Conspiracy Theorist." Gibson said to him, without any apparent sense of irony, "You ask loaded questions that lead to foregone conclusions."

Comment: Apparently the loaded questions and conspiracy theories constantly bandied about by FOX regarding the French, Kofa Annan and the Oil-for-Food scandal don't count in the FOX xenophobic world view.

So, if the problem is all "their" fault, as Gibson seems to believe, what's the solution? Invade a few more countries? Crack down on their presses? A "solild first step" according to Gibson is Al Hoora (sp?), the US State Department-funded Arabic network. Gibson calls it "Balanced news to a region dominated by hateful propaganda." Comment: We all know what "balanced news" means to FOX: The RNC view "balanced by" criticism of the opposition.

Another part of the solution, according to Gibson, may be for the US to export "reality TV" showing what life is like for real Arabs in the US. Comment: Hmmm, isn't FOX Entertainment a large producer of reality TV shows?

And while we're considering the elements of FOX self-interest involved in this story, let us not overlook the fact that the whole show is based upon host John Gibson's book by the same name that just happens to be published by - you guessed it - News Corp.-owned ReganBooks. Naturally, a brief promo of the book, along with a photo of its cover. was provided at the beginning of the show.

Near the end of the program, a State Department spokesperson proclaims that that the US ought to go an "all out media blitz aimed at promoting the REAL AMERICA (my emphasis)."

Sadly, I think this program shows the real America all right, but not in a way that's likely to improve its world standing.

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