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Post Election Selection Trauma

Reported by Deborah - November 21, 2004 -

Post Election Selection Trauma or PEST is a term coined by a Boca Raton psychologist, Rob Gordon, who has noted a growing number of Democrats experiencing depression since the election. This story has been covered on Fox throughout the week and Brian Wilson interviewed Gordon at 12:30 PM ET 11/21/04

Rob Gordon told Wilson that there are thousands of people in Palm Beach County, who have never gotten over the 2000 election and what occurred in their county. Since this election, they are concerned about the future of the country especially the voters who are more centrist in their views. Gordon stated that "Americans are not red or blue but are actually red, white, and blue."
Their fear that the White House is too far to the right has caused depression and
and physical symptoms that echo those of people with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Brian Wilson was not sympathetic exclaiming,"Life goes on. Get back to work."
Gordon mentioned the man who recently killed himself over the election. He told Wilson that Democrats need to feel that they can communicate their ideas freely. Wilson had no reply for this and quickly ended the exchange.

comment: Fox has reported this story with a kind of patronizing glee all week.Seems like the prospect of Democrats suffering enhances their own victory. Also psychological problems are often dismissed as weakness on Fox.

For all of us who worked so hard to change this country's course, this is an extremely painful time. We would be interested in knowing how our readers have felt since election day. I think we might have some interesting feelings to share.