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Falwell: 10 Million New Evengelical Voters by '08

Reported by Marie Therese - November 21, 2004 -

LOU DOBBS: President Bush's decisive re-election inspired my next guest to create the Faith and Values Coalition. Reverend Jerry Falwell joins me tonight (11/18/04) from Washington D.C. Good to have you with us. Why do you feel compelled to start this now? Apparently the evangelical Christians did well on November 2nd.

FALWELL: Well, Lou, 25 years ago, as you know, I started the Moral Majority that became the religious right and for 10 years led that group. Then went back to Liberty University, Thomas Rowe Church, my primary ministry for the last 15 years.

We saw the culmination of November 2nd of 25 hard years of work by people of faith in this country committed to the Judeo/Christian ethic. And 30 million evangelicals came out to the polls, most of them voting for George Bush and for 11 family initiatives and for pro- life, pro-family senators, congressmen. So we're launching a coalition that has a threefold purpose.

One, we want to help the president get good, strict constructionist judges appointed to the Supreme Court and federal courts in general. Two, to get the federal management amendment passed as quickly as possible, defining the family as a man married to a woman. And then voter registration beginning immediately to strengthen the president's hand in '06 and '08 and hopefully get another good George Bush-type elected in '08.

And anyone interested in knowing more about the new coalition may go to the Web site, faithandvalues.us.

DOBBS: Reverend Falwell, another conservative religious leader, Dr. James Dobson, saying that Arlen Specter was not acceptable to him on the Judiciary Committee. It now appears he will be the chairman of the committee. Are you comfortable with him?

FALWELL: Well, I've spent the day today here in Washington with James Dobson and a number of religious leaders. Yes, we are well aware that he is the chairman. He has made a firm commitment to all of us in writing and publicly and to the president, that he will, in fact, give a fair hearing to every nominee to the court and all the president's proposals, send them out to the Senate floor for a full vote. That's all anyone can ask.

I believe the senator's a man of integrity. I take him at his word. I may disagree with him from time to time, but I believe he's an honorable man who will do what he said he'll do.

DOBBS: Your organization, the others that you were talking with, many of the others that you talked with today absolutely opposed to gay marriage in this country, a constitutional amendment, as you've said, one of the priorities. And styling it as defensive marriage, the integrity of marriage, yet the fact of the matter is, gay marriage has very little to do with the difficulties facing most marriages in this country today. In point of fact, all of the research says it is about money. It is about changing values, broader certainly than simply our times that we now live in. And, in fact, divorce rates in some of the Bible Belt states, so-called are higher than those and those nasty blue northeastern states, for example. How do you rationalize that?

FALWELL: Well, Lou, there's no question the family is facing severe pressures. You're right. Gay marriage is only one of the problems. But it's the one that is attempting to redefine marriage as something other than a man married to a woman. It's a fundamental challenge that must not be allowed to prevail. And most Americans went to the polls 3-1 in most of the 11 states voting on the initiatives, 3-1 take the position that we don't want that in America. And the reason for the coalition, we're going to get about a 10 million more voters to the polls in '08 to see to it that we keep a president who believes that.

DOBBS: Reverend Jerry Falwell, we thank you for being here. Come back soon.

FALWELL: Thank you.

DOBBS: This looks like it's a topic we're going to be discussing a lot in the months and years ahead. Reverend Jerry Falwell, thank you.

Transcript excerpt courtesy of CNN Transcripts.


I wonder if the progressives, liberals and moderates (you know, the 49% that voted against Bush) are really aware of how concentrated, monolithic and focussed the other side is. It's time for us to pool our resources, form alliances, decide on a solid pro-human agenda and get out there and "sell, sell, sell! that message. It has to start NOW.

The fanatic right is on the march again. They've just forced Senator Arlen Specter to crawl on his belly and beg for something that was his by the traditional rules of the Senate. They've marginalized the Democrats and, as we have seen on this blog, have no hesitation about using venom, invective, insult and threats against us. In this interview Reverend Jerry has just announced that he's drawn a bead on any candidate that doesn't pass their Christian litmus test. We're in the crosshairs. Time to stop standing still, waiting for the coup de grace. It's time to start a counter-offensive.

I was brought up in a religion that told me only Catholics were saved. Everyone else went to Limbo or Hell when they died. Many of us have rejected such narrow-minded belief structures. Having grown up in the 1950's, I, for one, will not go willingly or easily into another dark night of moral hypocrisy masquerading as moral certitude.