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How America Gets Away With Murder

Reported by Deborah - November 20, 2004 -

Michael Mandell, Canadian Law Professor, discussed his new book, How America Gets Away With Murder,with John Kasich. Mandell believes that George Bush and Colin Powell should be indicted for war crimes because the war in Iraq and Afganistan were illegal. 11/20/04

Talking above a headline reading, OHOH Canada, Mandel claimed that the bombing of Afganistan was the legal equivalent to the the attacks on the WTC.
Mandel believes that if the Prime Minister of Canada does not indict George Bush and Colin Powell for war crimes, the Prime Minister himself should be indicted.

Kasich asked Mandel, "Do you teach this to children in your classroom? Do you have Mothers and Fathers send their children?"

Mandel stated that he is a respected and published law professor and his students are all over 21.

Kasich, very annoyed by now, brought up the Oil for Food scandal in defense.
"Doesn't that bother you? Doesn't that bother you?" Kasich asked in a raised voice.

comment: This interview is a part of a new Fox campaign to paint us a victims of an unfair and irrational international community that opposes the Bush policies.
As international opinion worsens, especially after the attacks on Fallujah, there is a need to spin the negative opinions of other countries. John Gibson's Special on 11/21 deals with this subject and will try to rally Americans against their new enemy, the entire world. (except the UK, of course)