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Where Does FOX Get These Military Analysts?

Reported by Ellen - November 19, 2004 -

I spent a frightening 45 minutes listening to FOX military analyst Retired General Paul Vallely on FOX News Live with Alan Colmes last night. It was bad enough when he stated flatly that "we are not going to permit" a Shia majority to win the upcoming election in Iraq. He saw no hypocrisy in the US determining who should win an election in a country that we claim to have liberated and democratized.

But then he advocated forming a coalition with Israel in a holy war against Iran and Syria.

The subject arose when Alan Colmes mentioned the worrisome news that Colin Powell says Iran is working on nuclear missiles and nuclear missile delivery systems.

"Iran and Syria are next," Vallely decreed. "It's easy to do.... Israel is (already) prepared to take Iran down."

Comment: It wasn't just what he said that was so alarming. The flat-out certainty of his entitlement to cause death, destruction and mayhem (not to mention the potential for a world war) was just as chilling. He spoke of "taking down" Iran as if it were a pesky hornets' nest, rather than a sovereign country filled with humanity.

Colmes questioned the wisdom of a Judeo/Christian holy war against Muslims. "That's what's going on," Vallely said. "If you don't understand that, then you don't get it."

Comment: These were the words of a Fox analyst, not some obscure guest. Presumably, Vallely is on the Fox payroll and his views are deemed worth considering. Maybe so, but the callers to the program - generally quite conservative - mostly disagreed with him. That was only slightly reassuring.