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Those Incompetent Girlie Men from Massachusetts

Reported by Melanie - November 19, 2004 -

Fox News aired a segment today (November 19, 2004) on Dayside w/Linda Vester about leaks in a Boston tunnel which is part of the "Big Dig" project there. Here's an ABC News report on the problem. During the segment, which featured a reporter from a Lowell, Massachusetts newspaper, much was made of "our" tax dollars going to waste and Gov. Mitt Romney (a Republican) riding to the rescue to remedy the situation. Since Fox News hasn't historically shown a propensity toward concern over wasted taxpayer dollars or bungled government projects, my impression was that the primary reason Fox even created the segment was because it was all happening in MASSACHUSETTS, home of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and those "liberals elites."

Interestingly, the website Military.com ran this UPI headline as Linda Vester spoke: Iraq War Topping $5.8 Billion A Month. It's unlikely Fox's concern about taxpayer dollars will cause it to do a piece about this, since this debt is being run up by, well, macho men from the wild wild West who know what they're doing, unlike those incompetent, girlie-man Democratic-types from Massachusetts.