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Does FOX Preoccupation with UN Signal Bush Agenda?

Reported by Ellen - November 19, 2004 -

Any regular News Hounds reader knows that FOX has a never-ending preoccupation with the UN. However, it seems that FOX has outdone itself with the high number of critical news stories about the organization now appearing on the front page of FOXNews.com.

There are four stories. Three are video reports. The first is called,
"FOX Exclusive" and is described as "U.N. investigator Paul Volcker reports on what he's learned about the Oil-for-Food program." Need I say that the discovery is not good news for the UN? Reporter Eric Shawn says that the US Justice Department is "weighing criminal prosecution" against a high-level UN official.

Next video report is called "Fair Play?" Did a top U.N. official dismissed of sexual harassment charges get preferential treatment? The allegedly preferential treatment came from - surprise! - Secretary General Kofi Ahnan. (Comment: Where's FOX's concern over the preferential treatment of Tom DeLay by the Republicans in Congress? I guess ethics violations are only a concern when they happen at the UN)

Then we get to the FOX favorite, "Oil-for-Food." Charles Duelfer testifies before Congress while the banner on the screen reads "UN: Blood Money." (Think we'd see that kind of headline when/if there's a Halliburton investigation?)

Before leaving the video section, I do have to point out in the name of fairness and accuracy that there is another video called Push for Peace which is about the UN Security Council meeting in Kenya about stopping the violence in Sudan. But our own Ambassador Danforth was there, there's no word on Kofi and it's a generally positive report.

Moving on to one of my favorite FOXNews.com categories, "Only on FOX," we find another article, this one written, about "New Finds" in the UN Oil-for-Food scandal. It's essentially a re-hash of the Eric Shawn piece on the possible criminal prosecutions that could be coming.

Comment: I'm afraid this constant UN-bashing by FOX (which largely ignores scandals involving Halliburton) is an indication that Bush is going to work harder at marginalizing the role of the UN in our foreign policy during his second term.