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Buried in the Sand

Reported by Deborah - November 19, 2004 -

Buried In The Sand is a collection of video clips showing the the torture during Saddam Hussein's rule of Iraq, narrated by Mark Taylor, a conservative radio personality. He joined Hannity&Colmes last night to bemoan the unfair criticism that the movie is too brutal and exploitative. 11/19/04

Buried In The Sand , according to Mark Taylor, is meant to show the brutality of Saddam's reign in Iraq to prove that the war in Iraq was justified. The movie is so brutal, bloody and shocking that many critics have objected to it's release and promotion. Hannity and Taylor turned this into a Liberal issue, acting as if Liberals support Saddam Hussein and his horrific behavior.

Hannity said, "Liberals used to care about human suffering...Wome being raped,
They want to dismiss this. Compare this to photos of underwear on people's heads"

Mark Taylor claimed that all the profits will go to help famililies of slain American soldiers. He became very defensive when Colmes asked him about the profits. " Ask your friends on the left about their profits."

comment: The short clips shown last night did not show the full torture act on screen but the video shows it all like tongues ripped out and heads chopped off. The film quality looked grainy and there is no way to check the authenticity. However, no person, liberal or conservative doubts that Saddam Hussein tortured his citizens but an entire film devoted to graphic displays of human torture may appeal more to sadistic voyeurs than humanitarian idealists. In Iraq, torture videos are hot on the black market and are more popular then porn
Snuffmovies, showing raw violence were a big part of the porn scene here and I wonder if Mark Taylor's narration is enough to elevate Buried In The Sand