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The Oil-for-Food Scandal's Everywhere on Fox

Reported by Melanie - November 18, 2004 -

November 18, 2004

As our regular readers know, several posts have been made to this site over the past week, and certainly over the past months, about Fox's near-obsession with the UN Oil-for-Food "scandal." (See the "UN Oil-for-Food Program" category under the War News heading along the right-hand side of our home page.)

After having aired many, many segments on the issue thus far this week, it appears Fox will be weaving the "scandal" into its Saturday morning lineup of financial shows this weekend too. During Your World w/Neil Cavuto today, an advertisement appeared on screen which read: "Saturday. Cavuto on Business. The Cost of Freedom. 10:30 a.m. ET. Is the UN $abotaging Your $tocks?"

COMMENT: It's amazing how Fox News grabs onto a message (think Swift Boat Veterans) and pushes it relentlessly, and how their financial shows are nothing more than "fronts" for the same political advocacy emanating from their "news" shows.