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Compassionate Conservative?

Reported by Ellen - November 17, 2004 -

FOX Military Analyst Col. David Hunt was Alan Colmes' guest on his radio show last night. The topic was the US Marine shooting of the wounded, unarmed Iraqi in a mosque. I should have known what Col. Hunt's perspectives on the event would be when he started off the interview by asking Colmes if he was still married. Colmes did not seem amused.

Sure enough, Hunt seemed to condone the killing. When asked if there should be an investigation, he said, "Yes, but only because it was caught on camera."

As happened the night before when this topic arose, many of the phone calls were outraged that anyone would criticize our troops but this time a wider variety of viewpoints seemed to come through. There was one especially interesting call from a sergeant who explained how the rules of engagement had been violated and what the Marine should have done if he suspected a boobytrap.

None of that seemed to occur to Hunt, who had left the show before that call. All he seemed to care about was killing the bastards.

Comment: I guess they're just not grateful enough for all we've done for them.