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The Arnold Ammendment

Reported by Deborah - November 16, 2004 -

Hannity mulled over the constitutional ammendment, last night, that would allow Arnold Schwarzeneggar to run in 2008. During the recall of Grey Davis, Hannity was Arnold's biggest fan but last night, there was a distinct change in tone. 11/15/04 Hannity&Colmes 9PM ET

Eleanor Clift and Michael Reagan provided the debate balance during the discussion. Strangely enough, Clift was very open to the possibility of allowing foreign born citizens to run for President. Michael Reagan expressed his concern that it might allow George Soros to run and Hannity brought up Arnold's pro choice stance as a stumbling block. It was clear that the possibility of Schwarzenneggar for President had lost it's luster.

Comment: Before the Republican Convention, Arnold and Rudy were the shining stars of the party representing the diversity and open attitude that the RNC needed during the campaign. Now that they have served their purpose, it's time to trash them to avoid offending the Pro-Life voters. However, I think Michael Reagan came up with a great idea. How about George Soros in 2008 just to drive them crazy.