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Still Bashing the CIA

Reported by Nancy - November 16, 2004 -

Tonight (11/15) on Special Report, Brit Hume continued the theme of bashing the CIA that was also a theme on FNL earlier today. He also got in a few swipes at some other Fox bugaboos: liberals, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, the UN, France, Germany & Russia.

After opening headlines, Jim Angle led off (at 6:02pm ET) with a report about the 4 Cabinet resignations today, with the main focus on Powell. There were clips of Powell, of Rumsfeld, of WH Press Secy McClellan & of Sen Bill Nelson (D-FL). Angle said that Bush's Cabinet has had less turnover than the previous six Cabinets [comment: a silly claim to make, since it's likely we'll see a couple more resignations before January].

At 6:06pm (ET), Greg Kelly filed a report from the Pentagon about the Marine alleged to have "executed" a wounded Iraqi in Fallujah. Fox showed video of the incident but "blacked out" the actual shooting [comment: is this their nod to self-restraint? show 99% of the violence, but not the shooting itself?]. Kelly's report included the obvious excuses being offered by the military, e.g., insurgents have been known to hide IEDs in corpses [comment: would shooting the body prevent the IED from going off?]. Kelly also noted that this video could have an "Abu Ghraib-like impact" [comment: which is likely the only reason we're seeing it in the US, since it's been widely available elsewhere in the world]. Kelly was followed by a report from Bret Baier in Iraq about the "clean-up" in Fallujah. Baier noted that violence is breaking out elsewhere in Iraq [comment: now there's a big surprise], with attacks by insurgents up 200%. Baier's report included video clips of Gen John Abizaid flying around Iraq & of statements from various Lt Generals (including one seen earlier today on FNL from Matz about how the "cancer is cut out" but we've "got a lot of healing to do"). There was also an off-the-cuff remark about how Iraqi police are "susceptible to corruption" [comment: just in case you mistakenly thought Iraqis could handle "sovereignity"].

At 6:15pm (ET), Hume swung into full attack mode with a segment on the "insurrection" at the CIA [comment: note how neatly the choice of words ties those dastardly CIA types to the "insurgents" in Iraq; they must all be terrorists]. Major Garrett led off with a report about Porter Goss, saying that Goss is "unconcerned" about "stepping on toes". Garrett's report included video of statements from Peter Brookes (Heritage Fndtn), Sen John McCain (R-AZ) [note: McCain's clip was also aired earlier today on FNL], Rep Jane Harmon (D-CA) & Michael Scheuer (former CIA agent). Garrett said that "some" GOPs were angry about anti-Bush leaks from the CIA & "key" Dems were critical of Goss (apparently Sen Jay Rockefeller [D-WV] said Goss is carrying out a "partisan purge").

Following this, at 6:20pm (ET), Hume interviewed Ron Marks (former CIA analyst), who didn't need any prompting from Hume to join in the bashing. Marks said that Goss "knows where the bodies are buried", that we're "embarassing ourselves in front of the world", that the CIA exists to serve the President "and nothing else". Eventually, Marks got around to blaming Clinton, saying that he left in 1999 after 16 years because he just couldn't take it any more, what with Clinton cutting budgets & personnel. Hume jumped on this, asking why the CIA was reacting so badly to Bush, since Bush was infusing money & energy into the agency. Marks attributed this to "bad appointments" made by Clinton. Marks was extremely appreciative of Goss's "aggressive" management style [comment: I wonder if he wants his job back?].

At 6:31pm (ET), Hume opened the "Grapevine" segment with a blurb about how "some" Kerry supporters have finally managed to "get over" the election; he read (in a very sarcastic tone) some sections of an article in the Boca Raton newspaper, quoting a woman who had sought psychological help following the election. Rapid-fire bashing ensued: Al-Jazeera published an article by Scott Ritter about Fallujah; France is continuing to "honor" Arafat; Slobodan Milosevic wrote a letter of condolence to the Palestinians about Arafat's death; William Safire is ending his column in the NYTimes. All of this led up to a report by Eric Shawn on the Senate panel investigating the UN Oil-for-Food program. Shawn's report included video of statements from Sens Norm Coleman (R-MN) & Joe Lieberman (DINO-CT), & from Juan Carlos Zarate. Shawn also repeated an allegation that Fox has been harping on for months: the money scammed from the program was "targeted" to France, Germany & Russia [comment: no mention of Chevron or the other US-based companies involved] -- & the suggestion that UN Secy-General Kofi Annan is "stonewalling" the Senate investigation.

At 6:41pm (ET), Hume went to the panel of the usual suspects -- tonight it was Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke & Mara Liasson. They gossiped about Cabinet resignations, Mehlmann taking over at the RNC, McAuliffe "still" at the DNC, & threw in a few final CIA bashes for good measure (Barnes said the CIA's performance has been "sub-par" for years, "putting it mildly").

Hume wrapped up the show with a clip from "Late Night with David Letterman", this one a fake ad for "Kerry for President ... of Iraq". Much chortling all around.