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Hannity and Joe

Reported by Deborah - November 16, 2004 -

After Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman is Hannity's favorite Democrat. So it was no surprise to see Joe Lieberman on H&C tonight talking about Harry Reid's appointment as minority leader of the Senate. Since Harry Reid is a pro-life Mormon, Hannity seemed very pleased trying to get Lieberman to bad mouth Howard Dean, Michael Moore or Liberal Democrats generally. Lieberman held his tongue but his smiling silence sent a clear message. Wonder how Lieberman felt about the election outcome? It's not hard to imagine. 11/16/04 9PM

comment: Joe Lieberman and Hannity wanted viewers to think that the Democrats had leaned too far to the left in this election. That, in my opinion is ridiculous and a return to center by Democrats is a big mistake sending a message of weakness and defeat.