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Hannity&Ollie Team

Reported by Deborah - November 15, 2004 -

Hannity and Oliver North teamed up tonight, on Hannity&Colmes, to defend the soldier in the controversial video from Iraq which shows a U.S. Marine, possibly, shooting a wounded Iraqi. The term "possibly" can be used because the screen blacked out at the moment of the shooting and only the voice of the soldier, claiming that the Iraqi was dead, could be heard. 11/15/04 9:30PM

Hannity and Ollie both agreed that if in fact something really did happen, the soldiers of course must be prosecuted. Then North, starting his defense, said that the Iraqi's who beheaded the hostages, will never be prosecuted. North went on to say that the soldier was exhausted working for 8 days without sleep.

Hannity made a plea not to rush to judgement accusing the "liberal media" of jumping on the story. Hannity brought up the booby trapped bodies in Iraq might have caused the soldier to shoot the man.

Hannity: I'm asking the American people not to rush to judgement. The liberal media will rush. Haven't these soldiers earned the right to tell their side of the story.

Colmes came on and asked North about the need for more troops in Iraq. North denied the need claiming that no one ever asked for more troops. When Colmes mentioned the reality that Paul Bremer did ask for my troops, North started to talk about Vietnam, claiming that they did not ask for more in Vietnam

Comment: Hannity and Ollie are always on the same page and their improv skills are outstanding. They worked the crowd for a awhile and really made the soldier in question look like an innocent victim of a"liberal press" who may actually do their job and report the story. Then the boys smoothly turned to subject to WWII claiming that Iraq and WWII are similar

Well from my standpoint, it looked like unquestionably, a soldier killed an unarmed and wounded man. Acknowledging his mistake has nothing to do with honoring our troops. Unfortunatly, this is not an isolated story from the battle and as news of the slaughter emerges, Hannity needs to set up his phantom "liberal press" as the culprit.