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Fomenting Animosity, Lite

Reported by Melanie - November 15, 2004 -

Neil Cavuto returned today (November 15, 2004) to Your World w/Neil Cavuto after having been off since November 4. At the end of the show he read some emails, as he always does. Some of today's emails were about comments Cavuto made on November 3, praising Kerry's concession speech and thanking Kerry for not initiating a protracted legal battle over ballot issues and recounts.

The letters Cavuto chose to read, of the hundreds, if not thousands he must have received, were these:

(l) I thought I had the job of my life lined up, only to have it all come crashing down. Your words about John Kerry maintaining his respect resonated and inspired me. Thank you, Neil.

(2) Kerry won my respect??? Give me a break. He showed me how much respect he deserves in his alignment with Communist Vietnam.

(3) Respect for what??? That he is a good liar?? Dream on!!!!

(4) Cavuto, humbleness doesn't become you. Quit trying to kiss the asses of the libs and be proud of the fact that idiot lost. You're making me sick.