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Don't Forget to Hate France, Germany & the UN

Reported by Melanie - November 15, 2004 -

Just in case any of Fox News' viewers needed a booster shot to reinforce their disdain for France, Germany and the UN, they got one today (November 15, 2004) over the course of ten short minutes on Dayside w/Linda Vester.

In a report by Eric Shawn about the Oil-for-Food "scandal," Shawn reported that the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations asked Kofe Annan to turn over documents relative to the program, however Annan's spokesman said certain "legal complications" prevented that. Shawn said, "You've got to remember now that the US provides for 22% of the UN's budget but ah, Annan cannot give us some of that information on where all the money went? And, it's even more money than anyone thought." Shawn said "Saddam has been said to spread that money around to the Security Council, specifically France, Russia and China to try to get their influence in the Security Council to end sanctions."

About eight minutes later, Richard Perle, of the ultra-conservative American Enterprise Institute was on to talk about the resignation of Colin Powell. Perle, of course, said Powell was enormously talented and effective but he served during a time when there was no prospect for diplomacy, such as when dealing with al Qaeda, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein.

Vester then directed him toward the real issue of the day when she asked: "I wonder if there are, you know, any of your friends, or maybe even yourself, who know how he felt about ah, sorta getting, ah, getting the run around, if you will, at the UN by certain people."

Perle said Powell was "clearly very unhappy at what I think he regarded as a betrayal by the French." Perle said Powell and the US tried very hard to work with the French, but the reaction at the UN to Powell's presentation [on February 5, 2003 during which he "made the case" for the invasion of Iraq] was "deeply troubling to him." Perle said Powell had a "very difficult time with our allies," especially "two of them, with the French and the Germans." He said that in both cases the countries were driven by agendas no diplomat could hope to alter, with Schroeder "bashing the United States in order to get reelected as chancellor," and Chirac "using differences wth the United States to build up France in Europe."

COMMENT: Now, I've never talked to Schroeder or Chirac myself, and it's likely they had more than one motive for opposing our invasion of Iraq, but I do believe that an important reason for their opposition was that it was a very, very bad idea. Of course, we never hear that motive on Fox News. With this kind of reporting, Fox News urges it's viewers to stick their noses in the air and turn their backs on France and Germany because they didn't do what we wanted them to do, and now viewers are being primed to do the same with the UN. If the neo-cons have their way, the UN will be dissolved, and with the help of their propaganda channel, Fox News, support will build in this country for that to happen.