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Where Do The Civil Liberties Weigh In?

Reported by Ellen - November 13, 2004 -

George W. Bush has nominated a man who condones torture to be America's next Attorney General.

The article about Alberto Gonzales on FOXNews.com, properly describes his record in the following way:

"Gonzales has been at the forefront of developing White House policy about detaining terror suspects for extended periods without access to lawyers or courts. He wrote the February 2002 memo that allowed Bush to claim the right to waive international treaties and anti-torture rules when it comes to prisoners of war who do not serve other countries. Human rights groups criticized the memo, which they said gave way for abuses like that in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal."

Yet, in reporting on possible Democratic opposition to Gonzales' appointment, FOX writes, "He is expected to face the same criticism as Ashcroft for trying to develop a balance between civil liberties and waging the War on Terror."

Balance? Where has Gonzales weighed the civil liberties in his balancing act? There's nothing in the article about any regard by him for civil liberties.