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Where Are The Iraqis With Flowers?

Reported by Ellen - November 13, 2004 -

That was the question Alan Colmes asked his guest, former CIA operative Wayne Simmons, during the first hour of his radio show, FOX News Live with Alan Colmes. He was referring to the forecast of the Bush Administration about the reaction of Iraqis to the US invasion.

"That will happen soon," Simmons said confidently.

Oh, really? From a description in an AP article on FOXNews.com, one would not expect Iraqis to be in much of a celebratory mood in the near future. Here are the conditions in Fallujah, as described by AP:

"Fallujah has been under relentless aerial and artillery bombardment and without electricity since Monday. Reports have said residents are running low on food. An officer here said it was likely that those who stay in their homes would live through the assault, but agreed the city was a risky and frightening place to live."

It sounds dreadful yet Simmons continued to insist we are liberating these people. "There are no more rape rooms, there are no more killing fields" and we have "liberate(d) a country from tyranny."

Maybe it all depends on your definition of tyranny and killing fields. While Simmons was extolling our services to the Iraqis, video reports on FOXNews.com by Greg Palkot (Tightening Grip) and Scott Rutter (Closing In) reported "Bradleys and tanks pummelling," "massive artillery," US forces "pounding away." (Kudos to reporter Palkot for reporting the difficulties of the US operation and that the US control is "nominal.")

On the radio, Alan Colmes pointed out that most of the insurgents had already left Fallujah and regrouped elsewhere in Iraq before our latest incursion.

"The reality is, we are crushing the terrorists," Simmons insisted.

Colmes was in one of his feisty moods and kept his argument with Simmons at high pitch. In response to Simmons claim that we had liberated the Iraqis even though we have to keep fighting them, Colmes said, "I'm getting whiplash listening to you contradict yourself."

Comment: Colmes did an excellent job of discrediting Simmons' arguments. But I have to wonder: Why was that guy on the show in the first place? For the sake of arguing with Colmes? In order to make sure there would be a hawkish cheerleader for the Fallujah operation? Maybe both? A quick search on FOXNews.com indicates that - surprise, surprise - Simmons has appeared on several other FOX News programs.