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REDemocrats: Ready to Sell Us Down the River Again!

Reported by Marie Therese - November 13, 2004 -

On November 11, 2004, on his Big Story show John Gibson interviewed Simon Rosenberg, founder of the New Democrat Network, and Dylan Glenn, Republican strategist on the subject of "Where do the Democrats go from here?" Glenn claimed Bush achieved a mandate on Election Day (so what else is new?) and Rosenberg promoted the tired old "let's make a deal" agenda.

The segment started with a video clip of Saint - oops! President - George Bush stating: "I've earned capital in this election and I'm gonna spend it for what I told the people I'd spend it on, which is - you've heard the agenda - social security and tax reform, moving the economy forward, education, fighting the war on terror."

The interview continued, a veritable love fest of detente, with the REDemocrat Rosenberg lavishing praise on George W. Bush.

GIBSON: He's been reaching for the broad support of Americans and appealing to Democrats to help bridge this political divide. Will the President spend the next four years putting out fires around the globe or will he be able to turn his focus to issues here at home?

GLENN: Well, I think first and foremost you certainly can argue that he received a mandate on November 2nd to act.

GIBSON: Yeah, but you're just gonna start a fight with Mr. Rosenberg about a mandate. I don't want to go there ... Will he have the luxury of dealing with the domestic issues that he said he wanted to deal with?

After some banter back and forth

ROSENBERG: I think he can do both .. What the country needs now is a return to growth, greater fiscal integrity in our government. We need Iraq to be doing better ... Certainly he has shown he has the capacity to work both overseas and here at home.

GIBSON: Dylan, look at Simon. Reaching out. Giving the President credit. He has the capacity. He can do things. He's saying he's willing to work with the Republicans.

Republican Dylan Glenn then launched into a campaign stump speech about how Governor Bush of Texas was a uniter not a divider, and has always operated in a bipartisan way. (Note: It's OK. It's OK. You can vent at the end of this post!)

GIBSON: I think we came close to a promise from Simon, so I want to exploit that. Are you telling me that the New Democrat Network is going to recommend to Democratic leaders - work with President Bush. We need to get something done rather than let problems fester, so you have something to run on in four years?

ROSENBERG: ... We're all here to get the peopleĀ‘s business done .. but, if the President wants to meet us half way and wants to work with the Democrats and incorporate our ideas and our values into his governing, I think he's going to have willing partners on our side.


The New Democrat Network is a spin-off of the Democratic Leadership Council. These are the old Clintonistas who can't let go of their 1990's message. Don't these people get it yet? Blue America only lost by 3 million votes. If the Democratic Party goes back to the Clinton accomodationist message, it will splinter. Those of us who are, as Howard Dean said, the "Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party" will abandon you in droves.

We're the ones who put all that money into your pockets.

We're the ones who worked our hearts out, calling, canvassing, postering, writing letters.

You depended on us and we came through for you.

It's time for you fat cat Democrats, who've been raking in the big bucks and hobnobbing with the enemy, to take a good long look in the mirror.

Stop being collaborators! Quislings! Spineless jellyfish!

Here's the agenda. It's an agenda most of America agrees with. Affordable health care. Viable social security. An end to endless war. Great schools. Good jobs. Privacy rights. Civil rights. Renewable resources. Protecting the environment. What's not to like?

But, if REDemocrats give in and approve a conservative Supreme Court Justice or allow the weakening of the EPA or take away the Social Security safety net or allow the new Attorney General-elect (who sanctions torture) to run roughshod over our lives, your stump speech in 2006 will go something like this:

"Gee, duh, I hugged the President today. I gave him everything he wanted. Duh! Vote for me. I don't stand for anything."

Hardly a winning message!

Give US a chance. We're your base. All the little John and Jane Does out here who got kicked in the stomach on November 2nd.

There are 56 million of us. We're True Blue. We're proud. We're Americans. We've already proven that we're strong, resourceful and solid. But we need leaders who will fight for us, not sell us down the river

We have what it takes. Do you?