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GOP Civil War

Reported by Deborah - November 13, 2004 -

John Kasich pondered the uproar surrounding Arlen Specter's opposition to right wing appointments with his guests Lee Walick and John Avalon. Kasich asked them if a civil war within the Republican Party could be expected? More interesting, however, was the way Kasich managed to connect Specter to the Democrats. 11/13/04 8:30PM

Kasich referred to Arlen Spector as a "liberal Republican" and the Fox Facts Headlines announced "Specter's Parents were both Democrats." Lee Walich claimed that there was a large grassroots effort aimed at ousting Specter from his post on the Judiciary Committee.

Kasich commented that Conservatives feel that they deserve the votes for their chosen appointments claiming that they are not interested in uniting the country.
John Avalon stated that there is no "mandate for extremism."

Kasich then began talking about Hillary Clinton's plan for a 2008 run. After a unanimous bash of Hillary, he went on to Howard Dean. "Talk about disasters.All the screamers would be happy."

comment: So Kasich chose to lump Spector in with Hillary and Dean. There was an unmistakable message that Specter is now considered one of "them."That headline about Specter's parents was a dead giveaway. What they didn't mention is that Specter was also a Democrat. I remember Specter casually chatting with my unconventional group of friends in Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philly in the late 60's. During that period Frank Rizzo was the hardline conservative Mayor and Specter was always considered an ally of the left. To this day, the Jewish Community in Philadelphia votes straight Democratic except for Arlen Spector, always an exception. Specter's wife, after his party shift, owned a gourmet pie business in town and every holiday meal ended with Joan Specter's apple pie. Conventional wisdom in Philly was that Specter just couldn't win an election as a Democrat, so he switched parties. Maybe Specter should go back to his roots and just be himself.