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FOX on Election Fraud: An Update

Reported by Ellen - November 12, 2004 -

On Thursday, I wrote about FOX ignoring the election fraud allegations buzzing around the internet. Several hours later, I found a video from Thursday's Special Report on FOXNews.com. It's name, "Online Conspiracy," says it all.

It's an interview with John Fund, author of Stealing Elections, by host Brit Hume. Before the election, Fund and his theories about voter fraud were nearly as ubiquitous on FOX as its "Fair and Balanced" slogan (and just about as believable, too). Last night he was back to discuss the count in Ohio, Florida and New Mexico. Presto, changeo the only fraud to be found in this interview occurred in Pennsylvania, the only state of the three that Kerry won. What a surprise.

Suddenly, Mr. Fund has been converted into a believer. On the very same program on September 30, Fund described absentee ballots as "the easiest way to commit fraud" and that "in an election when 30 percent of the people vote absentee, I think the election workers are going to be overwhelmed. And they're not going to be
able to conduct the kind of safeguards they normally do." Now that Bush has won, Mr. Fund's concerns seem to have melted away with no explanation nor questioning about that from Hume.

Instead, the two devoted themselves to "putting to rest" questions by Democratic bloggers about odd voting patterns and numbers in Ohio and Florida. "Luckily, no elected Democrat of any consequence has given any credence to this at all," Fund declared with the same certainty that I last saw him demonstrate before the election when he spoke of the threat of voter fraud.

Oddly, no mention was made of absentee ballots, which Fund previously worried could be "fraught with peril." Instead, people questioning the integrity of the vote are now labeled "internet fantasists" and the process is "an exercise in wish fulfillment" according to Fund.

That's not to say no voter fraud was mentioned, just not in any state Bush won. In Pennsylvania, a state won by Kerry, there were "all kinds of problems," according to Fund. People registered with addresses in Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia which has been torn down. Snidely, he added, "So even if they had bleacher seat addresses, they don't have them anymore."

Fund acknowledged rather cheerfully that in North Carolina a computer accidentally threw out 48,000 votes. Perhaps his lack of consternation was due to the fact that Bush won in North Carolina. Were there any other malfunctioning computers - say in Ohio or Florida? The question was neither asked nor answered.

Fund concluded that the bottom line is our voting system is a sloppy one. "Even though we don't want to go the internet fantasy route, there's a whole lot of reforming that needs to be done." Apparently, the only "real" reforms necessary are the ones to be made by Democrats.