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The Creationism Flap: Bush Begins to Pay Off His Markers

Reported by Marie Therese - November 11, 2004 -

This evening (11/11/04) Alan Murray, host of CNBC's "Capitol Report," interviewed Genevieve Wood, former Republican strategist, and Rev. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, about a court hearing in the state of Georgia which will decide if stickers can remain affixed to the inside cover of 2,300 biology textbooks stating that evolution is only a theory and that there are other beliefs about the origins of homo sapiens.

Genevieve Wood was listed on this show and earlier this week on "The Big Story with John Gibson" as a "former Republican strategist." However, she is currently vice president for media at the Family Research Council and Media Advisor of the Center for Print and Broadcast Media, both conservative advocacy groups.

The Center for Print and Broadcast Media is owned by The Leadership Institute. According to their website "(t)he Leadership Institute is the premier training ground for tomorrow's conservative leaders. Conservative leaders, organizations and activists rely on the Institute for the preparation they require for success. In addition to nationwide programs, the Institute wants to help you launch an exciting career. The Leadership Institute's Employment Placement Service and Intern Program open doors for you which would otherwise remain shut."

The Institute has produced a documentary entitled The Roots of the Ultra Left which they describe as "an in-depth look at 35 things the ultra left really thinks. From Socialism to Communism, from economic and religious oppression to the elimination individual freedoms -- they say it's all for the common good, but the ultra left's sordid history tells a different tale. It's the documentary the left doesn't want you to see.  It's the documentary you can't afford to miss."

On the question of the Georgia textbook stickers, Ms. Wood was most adamant that they remain in the textbooks because, after all, evolution is still only a theory that remains unproven. Rev. Lynn took the opposite stance.

The thing that struck me was not that these two radically opposite Christians disagreed with each other.

It was that at no time did Murray ask the one question screaming for an answer: "Where do you, Ms. Wood, and you, Rev. Lynn, personally stand on this issue?"

Lynn would clearly have stated that he supported the theory of evolution. It was obvious from his answers he considers it a valid and proven hypothesis.

However, it was not so clear what Ms. Wood's belief is. It is intriguing to wonder if she would have answered in line with her personal Christian faith, i.e., that God made the world in six days, fashioned woman out of the rib of a sleeping man and rested on the seventh.

Somehow, I doubt that the formidible Ms. Wood (whom I dubbed "glossy and bossy" on an earlier post) believes in creationism. Oh, but it would have been oh-so-satisfying to see her squirm!

It's clear from this and other events that BushCo begun to pay down the 3 million voter debt they incurred with the religious right.

Scientists beware. Liberals beware. Secularists beware. The Holy Army of the Righteous God is on the move, headed by Saint George the Second.

In Iraq it's "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!"

In Georgia it's creationism stickers.

On FOX it's softening the "folks" up for a return to 1950's morality, 1900s economics and voodoo environmentalism.

There's an old saying: Ya' gotta dance with the guy that brung ya'.

The RNC may find that having is not as good as wanting.

For more on the Georgia sticker story go to The Guardian: Evolution textbooks row goes to court .