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The Shape of Things to Come?

Reported by Melanie - November 9, 2004 -

Today (November 9, 2004) Gen. Paul Vallely, Fox News Military Analyst, spoke with substitute host Brenda Buttner on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. They were discussing the invasion of Fallujah and to some extent Iraq in general. During the discussion Vallely said this:

"We've got to be tough with the nation-states that continue to support terrorism. Iran now is the center of terrorism. They've been feeding and payrolling a lot of the insurgents within the border of Iraq and their surrogate over there, Syria and Hezbollah, has been doing the same thing from the other side. So we've got to get tough with these nation-states. And Iraq, the new government there, has got to declare, in some way, any type of insertion of people across their borders are grounds for war." (Emphasis added.)

COMMENT: Is Fox News helping to prime the American public for this eventuality: Iran is the new center of terrorism. Syria is too. They're sending terrorists into Iraq so the Iraqi "government" (our puppet) will ask us for help in fighting Iran and Syria because of the terrorists they're sending into Iraq to hurt the Iraqi people. We can't say no to the Iraqi people so we go to war with Iran and Syria not because we want to, but because the Iraqi government asked for our help. (This way the neo-cons can have their war with Iran and Syria, but do so under the guise of helping protect the Iraqi citizens from terrorists.)