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Hannity Needs Somebody To Hate

Reported by Deborah - November 9, 2004 -

The election is over and Hannity's dream came true. The old Countdown to the Election has now been replaced with one counting days until the inaugauration. Yet somehow Sean Hannity seems a bit down. Maybe it's the absence of someone to hate and destroy that's taken Hannity's sparkle away.
11/8/04 Hannity&Colmes 9PMET

When Oliver North gave viewers an insider look at the horror in Fallujah, Hannity was unable to carry on about John Kerry and the unamerican liberals aiding the enemy with their criticism of the President.

Then Andrew Cuomo insisted on discussing election results with an objective civility. Hannity really tried to get that old intimidation thing going but it just doesn't have the same zing. In an effort to get Cuomo to bad mouth the people who voted against gay marriage, Hannity asked."Were those people bigotted?"
One question later he asked,"Do you believe they're discriminating?"
Cuomo calmly debied the charge and Hannity seemed both embarrassed and dejected. At one point during the exchange, Hannity muttered,"The debate's over." It was hard to tell if he was talking to himself or Cuomo.

The Hillary Watch segment with Dick Morris was downright silly. Two men gossiping about Hillary's bid for the nomination in 2008. Their need to revive the Clinton hate only revealed their own weakness.

comment: Hannity worked so hard to destroy his mythical enemies and now that they appear vanquished, he has lost his edge. It must be the shock of winning after seeing those early exit polls. We can surely look forward to some renewed liberal villians to come on the scene even if he has to invent them. Just give him some time.