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The Macho Men and the Wimps

Reported by Melanie - November 8, 2004 -

Today's (November 8, 2004) Dayside w/Linda Vester painted a picture of fearless, driven, macho men (Republicans) saving the planet, and weak, wimpy and demanding Democrats.

Most of the program centered around reports from, and about "Operation Phantom Fury" (the name given to the assault on Fallujah). There was an interview with a retired "military brass" on urban fighting tactics, a report from Baghdad, a report from the outskirts of Fallujah from an embedded, retired military man, and a report from the Pentagon. Dana Lewis reported from France on Yasser Arafat's health. James Rosen reported on Bush's second-term priorities, and a long-time Bush associate talked about predictions for what Bush might accomplish in the next four years. All this and the promise of a press briefing by Donald Rumsfeld to come immediately after the end of the show. You could practically smell the testosterone.

Segments devoted to covering other issues were (l) on how Gov. James McGreevey (NJ), who, as Fox was sure to report said he was an "American gay," got himself into so much trouble he had to resign (several minutes of his resignation speech were aired), and (2) on the disarray in the Kerry campaign and how Teresa Heinz Kerry was a real distraction.

COMMENT: Ah yes, Fox News kicks off the 2008 election campaign.