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Smear, Smear, Smear

Reported by Melanie - November 8, 2004 -

Today (November 8, 2004), Your World w/Neil Cavuto continued to jab away at Democratic politicians, as was a theme earlier today on Dayside w/Linda Vester (The Macho Men and the Wimps).

First, Fox's Terry Keenan jabbed at Al Gore in a segment about a new investment fund (Generation Investment Management) formed by a group of investors, one of whom is Al Gore. The fund will consider the environment and social responsibility when deciding what to include in its portfolio. One of the people interviewed in the segment said "What he's claiming he's bringing to the table is the idea he has some great knowledge about environmental issues," apparently unaware of Gore's book: Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit. Keenen ended the short report by saying, "Investors will have to hope Gore's market timing is a bit better than his political timing. Late last year Gore went out on a limb to support Howard Dean for president just as the Dean machine was about to implode."

Later, during a segment on the millions and millions of dollars apparently contained in Yasser Arafat's bank account, Fox News aired a variety of video clips. One of the clips Fox chose to air showed Yasser Arafat being greeted by Bill and Hillary Clinton, apparently prior to one of the summits held during the Clinton administration (though that was not made clear).

COMMENT: As I said in the Dayside post, Fox is kicking off the 2008 presidential campaign. They're biding their time vilifying "old guard" Democrats while they wait to see who emerges as the main focus of their hateful smear campaign.