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"The O'Reilly Factor for Kids"

Reported by Melanie - November 7, 2004 -

Today (November 7, 2004) the New York Times reviewed Bill O'Reilly's new book, The O'Reilly Factor for Kids. The title of the review is: The O"Reilly Factor for Kids: The Pinhead Factor. The review begins with this:

Bill O'Reilly, who became rich and successful by behaving like an adolescent on television, has now written an advice book for adolescents on how to become rich and successful. As if that weren't enough to make any playground bully's head spin -- should he renounce his tactics or perfect them? -- ''The O'Reilly Factor for Kids'' raises a more difficult question: which Bill O'Reilly should the youth of America aspire to emulate, Bill O'Reilly the anchor or Bill O'Reilly the author?

And ends with this:

So: who is the real Bill O'Reilly? Maybe O'Reilly the anchor can interview O'Reilly the author and find out. If he agrees to appear on his program, he may want to read his book for some advice on how to deal with himself. ''The more polite you are, the more responsive the other person will be,'' he writes. ''Remember that in any debate.''

More 9- to 16-year-olds would probably watch that interview than want to read this book. Tonight on the Fox News Channel: ''The O'Reilly Factor'' investigates Bill O'Reilly. He reports. We decide.

COMMENT: I hope O'Reilly's happy now. I once heard him whine that the New York Times had never reviewed one of his books. I wondered why O'Reilly cared one way or the other, since he's "just folks" and the Times is part of the "mainstream elite liberal" media Fox loves to hate.

Anyway, the review is short and worth reading. You may have to register to access it. Registration's simple and the Times will not sent you a zillion junk emails if you do.