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Quintessential Fox News (Radio)

Reported by Melanie - November 6, 2004 -

Thursday evening, a handful of students at Boulder High School in Boulder, Colorado were granted permission to stay overnight in the school library to continue a protest they'd begun earlier in the day. The students were voicing their concern over issues such as the deficit, the environment, and military recruitment in schools. Friday morning, several government representatives met with the students to hear their concerns. Here is an article describing what happened from today's (November 6, 2004) Boulder Daily Camera, titled: Udall Meets with Protesters. Boulder High Students Concerned about Government.

Here is one of the paragraphs contained in the article:

James Vacca, the Boulder High teacher who had been an adviser to the protesting students, sat in the adjoining office, assuring someone from Fox News Radio that the students were not puppets of his or anyone else's left-wing agenda.

COMMENT: If these kids had staged a protest to raise money for returning war veterans they probably would have been given a full-blown, live segment all to themselves on Fox News radio. However, even when questioning issues relevant to all Americans, they're reduced to being "puppets" of someone else's "left-wing agenda." Quintessential Fox.