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Fox Shifts Their Message

Reported by Deborah - November 6, 2004 -

Now that their campaign obligations have ended, Fox News has a new responsibility to sell their President's policies. It was much easier during the campaign to deflect attention, from the problems created during the four years of his administration, by concentrating on gay marriage, Swift Boat Vets and all those hateful liberals. Now Fox has to make their viewers believe that America is just great, now that they have their values protected. A look at Fox's website reveals that they have been quite busy since the election shifting their message.
11/6/04 FOXNEWS.com

The home page of FOXNEWS.com has a shot of a marine preparing his bulletproof vest reminding us all that Kerry was wrong and Bush has supplied the troops with perfect equipment. The rest of the homepage is filled with military scenes throughout the world so we can all be prepared for the next four years of unchecked war.

Looking beyond the top stories, there was an interesting new article in the health a category. It focused on debunking the danger of industrial pollution on our health.

The medical article by Jennifer Warner cited a new study, that turned out to be from 1999 to 2002, suggesting that mercury contamination in women was not a problem, claiming that only 6% of women had problem levels of mercury.The article stated that only shark, mackeral and swordfish were contaminated.

This article seriously conflicts with the studies published in Crimes Against Nature by Robert Kennedy Jr. Kennedy's book focuses on the mercury pollution from the coal burning power plants that have caused serious contamination of all fresh water fish in several eastern states.There are frightening statistics suggesting that their is a large percentage of women with mercury contamination from this pollution.The Bush administration has relaxed all the regulations set in place by Clinton and Gore so we can expect this problem to get worse.

There have been warnings issued about eating tuna and fresh water fish from health agencies . Pregnant women have been warned to avoid tuna if possible. Mercury causes nuerological impairments like autism which has reached epidemic proportion. Yet the Fox article makes no mention of tuna or fresh water fish.

According to Fox, none of that is a problem. Now that President Bush has won, it's time to put all that nasty reality behind us. Your air is clean, and all those kids with asthma are your imagination. An increase in autism? That's liberal propoganda. Now that our values are intact, everything is beautiful. Anyone who questions that is just not patriotic.