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FOX News: It's OK to Be Nice to the French and the Democrats

Reported by Marie Therese - November 6, 2004 -

Today (11/6/04) on "Cashin' In" host Terry Keenan, FOX Senior Business Correspondent, said: "See. The tone has changed already. We're mentioning French, German stocks and no one's giving anybody grief." My ears perked up, because this is yet another sign that the Bush admin - oops! - FOX News has embarked on a policy of conciliation toward Europe as well as the Democrats.

Last Wednesday night I happened to catch a short segment of Rudy Giuliani's appearance on Hannity & Colmes. When Hannity began to go overboard, dissing the Democrats and gloating, Giuliani shut him down really fast and made earnest comments about how we all have to get along.


Now that they've secured their "place in history," it's pretty obvious that George Bush & company desperately need European support in the Middle East, in general, and Iraq, in particular. Most of Europe does not think we should bomb Fallujah into the stone age, especially when there is no proof, other than the word of the Pentagon, that most of the 300,000 people have left the city. The last time we assaulted Fallujah, we left 1,000 graves behind, mostly of non-combatants.

One wonders if simply changing the "tone" on FOX News is really enough to change the hearts and minds of the European voters. Well, at least the administratoin won't have that pesky Al Jazeera filming the carnage - they were banned from Fallujah.

And when are the major news networks going to start reporting on the Lancet study showing that the war has cost 100,000 Iraqis their lives? Guess that's too messy - doesn't fit the propaganda package.

Additionally, George Bush needs five Democrats to join the Republican Senate majority to override filibuster - the technique Sen. Tom Daschle used so effectively to block a few of Bush's judicial nominees. Watch for "gracious winner" to be the operant behaviour for the next few months.

I wish I could say I was confident that ALL Democrats would stick together to protect the rights of 55 million Blue Americans that voted for John Kerry. But I'm not confident at all.

It may be up to us, the little people, to show them the way.