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They Just Keep On Commin' Back

Reported by Melanie - November 5, 2004 -

Fox News did a rare, two-part segment on global warming today (November 5, 2004) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

The first guest, featured on tape, was Patrick Michaels of the CATO Institute, a right wing think tank. Naturally, he minimized even the existence of global warming.

The second guest, who was on live, was Paul Epstein, MD of Harvard Medical School and a participant in a conference on global warming being held at Harvard this weekend. Dr. Epstein expressed extrarordinary concern at the rapidity at which the oceans are warming and causing changes in marine life as well as increased "heavy rain events," among other things.

COMMENT: There are seminars and conferences and new books being released all the time which could give Fox an opportunity to do a segment on global warming. It struck me that they decided to do a segment on global warming now, centered around a conference going on at Harvard in Massachusetts, where all those liberal elites live. After having rid the world of John Kerry, it was almost as if Fox was saying, "See, there they go again."