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Hard News is "Hard Work" for FNL

Reported by Nancy - November 5, 2004 -

FNL this morning (11/5) was more of the same. I'm having real trouble coming up with catchy titles to summarize their re-tread & sleaze version of "hard news".

They spent a fair amount of time & testosterone salivating about the ongoing fight at Fallujah. At 11:31am (ET), they dismissed UN SG Kofi Annan's warning about what's happening in Fallujah with a 30-sec blurb.

At 11:32am (ET), Scott Rutter ("embedded" with the Big Red 1) literally read a "report" that was obviously prepared by the US military. It included some real howlers, like a reference to the Iraqi troops currently "assisting" coalition forces as the same individuals who fought "gallantly & bravely" in the previous assault on Fallujah [comment: do they think we've all forgotten that Iraqi forces previously REFUSED to fight at Fallujah?] & a wrap-up comment that we're attacking Fallujah "to make Iraq a better place" for the "very receptive" Iraqi people [comment: "very receptive" indeed -- receptive of bombs, bombs & more bombs]. As Rutter was delivering his lines, one of the banners underneath read that most residents of Fallujah have fled [comment: so who's left to be "receptive"?]. Official FNL policy now seems to be to refer to "insurgents" as "terrorists" [comment: as if FNL viewers needed further confusion].

Meanwhile, viewers were treated to ongoing "updates" about the nothing that's happening at Scott Peterson's trial (with a promise by Rick Folbaum that "we're all over this"), several viewings of video of "Xtreme" mountain bikers being jackasses & riding off little cliffs [comment: Folbaum *really* enjoyed this], a truck crash that happened yesterday in NC, a blurb about a roller disco in London [comment: they didn't give the name; wonder if Rupert owns it?]. For anyone who saw FNL earlier this week, when they were "all over" the classic Amber Alert for a "missing young white girl" (Jessica Williamson from GA) -- it turns out that she hasn't been abducted, she & her alleged felon boyfriend are fugitives who are wanted by the police.