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Same Old, Same Old

Reported by Nancy - November 4, 2004 -

Not much has changed on FNL today (11/4), & I'm still having trouble watching it. When I originally tuned in, just before 11:00am (ET), Brigitte Quinn was "awaiting" a press conference Bush was about to give.

While viewers were treated to video of the podium where Bush will speaker, Quinn waxed poetic about how "punctual" Bush always is. I couldn't bear to watch another minute.

Fast forward to 12:10pm (ET), when I figured the press conference would be over, & so would most of the bloviating about it. Boy, was I wrong. David Asman was interviewing Al D'Amato (GOP, former Sen from NY) & Willie Brown (Dem, former mayor of SF). The topic was how Dems could be more cooperative with the administration. Not how GOPs & Dems could learn to work together. Not a question of whether anyone (GOP or Dem) should be "conciliatory" to an administration which has been anything but conciliatory towards anyone it perceives as opposing it. No consideration or analysis of whether what the Bush administration wants is good for the country. Nope, the message was clear: do what the Bush administration wants or else.