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LA Times: Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives

Reported by Ellen - November 4, 2004 -

Here we go, as per my previous post about what we can do now, one of our readers found something we can use to start putting Bush on the defensive right now, before he even begins that second term. In a story today from the LA Times:

"In the weeks after the fall of Baghdad, Iraqi looters loaded powerful explosives into pickup trucks and drove the material off the Al Qaqaa ammunition site, according to a group of U.S. Army reservists and National Guardsmen who said they witnessed the looting. The soldiers said about a dozen U.S. troops guarding the sprawling facility could not prevent the theft because they were outnumbered by looters. Soldiers from one unit — the 317th Support Center based in Wiesbaden, Germany — said they sent a message to commanders in Baghdad requesting help to secure the site but received no reply."

Call your Senators and your Representative in Congress, write a letter to your newspaper. Demand an explanation from Bush, Rumsfeld and the Pentagon. Email your friends. Get the story circulating. Don't let them rest on their undeserved laurels.

Thanks to David for giving me the scoop.