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Bush Did NOT Get a Mandate

Reported by Melanie - November 3, 2004 -

The press is starting use the word "mandate," as in "Bush's mandate," when referring to yesterday's election outcome. I heard Chris Matthews use it on MSNBC and I heard it on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (November 3, 2004).

Just for the heck of it, I went to uselectionatlas.org to look around. Here are the presidential election results for the past 20 years:

2004 Bush 51%, Kerry 47%

2000 Bush 47%, Gore 48%

1996 Clinton 49%, Dole 40%

1992 Clinton 43%, Bush the Elder 37%

1988 Bush the Elder 53%, Dukakis 45%

1984 Reagan 58%, Mondale 40%

COMMENT: "Researching" this took all of 90 seconds. Why in the world don't talking heads take the time to find out for themselves if yesterday's election falls into the realm of a "mandate?" Considering some of the obvious "mandates" from past elections, I don't think yesterday's results fall into that category. I guess "mandate" must be what the powers-that-be want us to think it was. Ah yes, counting on our ignorance yet again.