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PBS Election Coverage

Reported by Nancy - November 2, 2004 -

I switched to PBS tonight (11/2) at 10pm. The tone, as usual, was calmer & thus more informative. Even the guests are more civil. And there's no hideous music or busy-busy graphics & banners. You can actually pay attention to what people are saying.

Jim Lehrer anchored, with the usual panel of David Brooks (GOP) & Mark Shields (Dem). PBS was using the projection-making process set up by the major news networks. Periodically, Terrance Smith provided a historical perspective, interviewing historians Roger Wilkins, Ellen Fitzpatrick & Richard Norton Smith. Gwen Ifill had a mini-panel with 2 pollsters, Tony Fabrizio (GOP) & Ethel Klein (Dem).

There were also updates from Margaret Warner with the Kerry campaign (Mike McCurry, Joe Lockhart, Tad Devine) & Ray Suarez with the Bush campaign (Jim Dyke).

In addition to these recurring segments, Ifill interviewed Michael Hagen (Temple Univ) re PA & Eric Rademacher (Univ of Cincinnati) re OH, Tom Mann (Brookings Inst) & Michele Swers (Georgetown) re Congressional races & local initiatives, Don Ferree (Univ of WI) re WI, Brian Ferguson [note: I may have his last name wrong] (Albuquerque) re NM.