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Fox Muttering about Exit Poll Results

Reported by Deborah - November 2, 2004 -

Hume and his panel have been nervously talking about how the exit poll results are not really accurate in all cases. After calling Virginia clearly for Bush, they made the case that the exit polls in that state did not tell the real story.
11/2/04 8PM ET to 9PM ET

Hume has been very careful about not calling States too prematurally during this hour. A nervous Ken Melhlman, from Florida, assured viewers of how well Bush was actually doing down there, but Bob Woodward claimed that the numbers for the Hispanic vote did not look good for Bush. Later on, Woodward nervously apologized for making the statement about Hispanic votes in Florida ,claiming that he had some numbers wrong.

Susan Estrich came on to answer Brit Humes question about the exit poll disparity and she did not give him the desired answer. Estrich claimed that if the exit polls look bad for Bush , he will not win. Estrich claimed that she did not know why there should be such a disparity between exit and real polls. Estrich reported that the Kerry campaign has been quite optimistic after seeing the exit polls. Hume made a weak joke about Estrich being a no it all and then clarified it with a compliment.

There is a great deal of nervous energy at Fox.